Protazen® Acquires and Will Set The Record Straight!

August 18th, 2010

Protazen® Solidifies Position as Supplement Industry Leader
with “Astroturfing” Legal Victory

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Protazen®, a daily supplement regimen promoting good mental health, and its parent company, Life Herbal, have been granted injunctive relief against two fraudulent websites: and, which misled mental health supplement consumers.

Both sites posted false reviews to confuse and harm the consumer, and “claimed” to be objective, third party sites reviewing thirty of the top brain supplement products.  The sites also posted fictitious reviews from a phony advisory panel of doctors.  The lawsuit uncovered that these doctors either did not exist or had no affiliation with the liable websites.  These two sites have been proven to show a pattern or practice of misleading the consumer by claiming competitive products are inferior in quality, dangerous, or “scams.”  The two sites used keyword-triggering advertisements to disparage and unfairly compete with brain supplement industry leaders. The term “astroturfing” denotes this type of activity.

As part of the settlement, Life Herbal acquired and and will set the record straight by posting relevant content on both sites.

Due to its popularity, Protazen® (an A+ BBB-rated company) is a frequent target of defamatory and bogus claims from companies that, through search engine optimization and keywords, attempt to disparage established brands and redirect traffic to their own products and sites.  In this case, Protazen® has succeeded in defending its brand and trademark.

“We are very happy with this result and hope that it deters the creation of fraudulent websites in the future.  The Internet is still a ‘wild west’ of information and, unless we monitor content, the Internet will be a repository of inconsistent and false information.  The consumer will not know what to believe,” says Andrew Markman, President of Life Herbal.

Many consumers now get their information from the Internet, and a greater number of people are producing and disseminating that information.  This case attempts to establish precedent that will prevent the dissemination of false information and defamatory claims.

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Protazen® Acquires and Will Set The Record Straight!